Your bag is made from vegetable tanned leather which is preserved with botanical extracts from mimosa, oak and chestnut barks.  Vegetable tanning is a slower, kinder means of production that has less impact on the environment, and results in a stronger leather where the fibres and oils of the original skin are preserved.  The leather is tactile, resilient and smells wonderful!

All the leather we use is a by-product of the European food industry.  Sourced from UK suppliers - all of our leather comes either from Italy or Belgium.  


You don’t need to condition the leather or add any products, but if marks appear - or you feel the leather needs a refresh - you can apply a natural leather conditioner and very gently buff with a soft cloth. Always test on a discreet area first to see if you are happy with the result.


You can use your bag in wet weather but avoid getting it soaking wet - a little light rain is ok.  Let the leather dry naturally and don’t use artificial heat as it will cause the leather to harden, crack and dry out.  


Over time, your bag will develop its own unique beautiful patina when exposed to the oils from your skin and moisture.  The leather will darken a little over time.  


There may be some colour transfer from dark coloured leather to lighter coloured fabrics.  Denim can also transfer onto lighter coloured leathers.  You can rub in natural leather conditioner with a soft cloth to remove any residue to help minimise colour transfer. 


The buckles and rivets are all brass and, just like the leather, will develop a patina over time. Buffing and polishing will help keep them shiny if you prefer.  


Try to avoid contact with sharp objects that will scratch the leather.  Water, grease, perfumes and inks may leave permanent damage.  You can use a bit of natural leather conditioner to gently buff the leather to help reduce the stain/scratch.


We have carefully sourced the very best leathers we can find.  Leather is a natural product. Every hide is unique and will have tonal variations, marks or scars which are natural features of the leather.  Over time, your bag may age beautifully into a unique item you can cherish for many years.