DIY clog making kits launching soon!


When will my kit be dispatched?

Your kit is handmade and will be dispatched within 24 hours of you placing the order (except at weekends).  You will receive an email notification as soon as your item has been dispatched with tracking info. 

Items to the UK are sent 2nd class signed for which takes between 5 and 7 days.  

Items to the rest of the world are sent standard tracked which takes between 5 and 7 days.  You can opt for express shipping which will take up to 3 days.  

Can I return an item?

Please contact me at within 7 days if you'd like to return your item.  Send your item back in the original packaging in a saleable condition within 14 days.  Please send the item back using a tracked service.  

Are the kits suitable for complete beginners?

Yes!  All the DIY kits have been designed with the sewing and leathercraft novice in mind.  You will be guided through the making process by a step by step illustrated instructions booklet and a make-along video tutorial.  

I'm worried that I'll mess it up!

Your bag kit comes pre-pared so that no leather cutting is needed.  The leather pieces are all punched out using a precision machine ensuring clean, even, pleasing lines and edges.  The stitchless kits (saddle, bucket and mini bags) don't involve any stitching or sewing - just a simple weaving technique and a few strategically-placed rivets will build your bag! 

The phone pouch and the wallet/belt purse do involve some hole punching (with a specialist leather work tool that is provided) and hand stitching and therefore carry a little more 'risk' in terms of your piece not looking totally perfect.  But remember, crafting is as much about (and possibly more) the process and relaxing, self-care benefits than it is about the outcome!  

How long does each kit take to make?

Between 30 minutes and 3 hours.  The mini bag will take on average 30 minutes, whilst the stitchable phone pouch and wallet/purse belt will take about 1 to 2 hours whilst the bucket bag will take around 2 to 3 hours.  Take it as speedily or as slowly as you like! 

Do I need to buy any other tools or materials?

Your kit contains

  • pre-cut and pre-punched leather pieces
  • solid brass hardware (buckles, rivets and fasteners)
  • specialist tools (rivet setting tool, stitching hole punch tool, needles and thread)
  • illustrated step by step instructions booklet
  • access code for exclusive online video tutorial

You will need to 

  • find a hammer/mallet
  • work on a sturdy table with protective lino or plastic chopping board to protect your surface

I'd like a different length strap

Get in touch with me at if you'd like a specific length of strap - I can cut to your measurements.  

Do I need to treat/preserve my leather with anything?

The mineral tanned leather (phone pouch kits, mini bag kits that are £96 and wallet/belt purse kits) will not need to have any leather treatments and are water resistant.  

The vegetable tanned leather (bucket bag kits, saddle bag kits, mini bag kits that are £115) doesn't need any treatment, but if marks appear - or you feel the leather needs a refresh - you can apply a natural leather conditioner and very gently buff with a soft cloth. Always test on a discreet area first to see if you are happy with the result.

Is my bag waterproof?

You can use your bag in wet weather but avoid getting it soaking wet - a little light rain is ok.  Let the leather dry naturally and don’t use artificial heat as it will cause the leather to harden, crack and dry out.  

There may be some colour transfer from dark coloured leather to lighter coloured fabrics (especially when the vegetable tanned leather of the bucket bag, saddle bag and mini bag kits gets wet) .  Denim can also transfer onto lighter coloured leathers.  You can rub in natural leather conditioner with a soft cloth to remove any residue to help minimise colour transfer. 

What type of leather is in my kit?

All the leather supplied in the kits is from cattle - a byproduct of the European meat industry.  I don't use any exotic or endangered species.  

Where possible I source vegetable tanned leather which is preserved with organic botanical extracts.  It is a slower, kinder means of production that has less impact on the environment, and results in a stronger leather where the fibres of the original skin are preserved.  Where the colours of veg tanned leather are darker and more muted, responsibly produced mineral tanned leather results in brighter hues.  The kits use a mix of both types of leather to give a broad choice of colours.  Each product is labelled as to whether it is vegetable tanned or chrome tanned to place the choice in your hands.  

Is vegetable tanned leather vegan?

No, vegetable tanning refers to how the leather (animal hide) is preserved.  I am exploring making kits with a vegan leather-like textile which is made with pineapple leaves.  You can sign up to my newsletter to hear of any new product releases.