DIY One Piece Leather Belt Bag Kit

DIY One Piece Leather Belt Bag Kit

Belt Bag Kit in Orange LeatherIn praise of the small bag

I think this is probably my favourite kit right now!  I live in Bristol and love walking rather than driving - getting to A to B by foot makes me feel better mentally and physically.   And, I don't want to carry big, heavy bags. If you're somebody who doesn't need much throughout the day other than your keys, phone and bank cards, then this 2 in 1 DIY belt bag kit is perfect. 

I've redesigned the purse belt kit to make it bigger with a wider belt so that you can fit more in!  (I realised that with phones getting bigger all the time, the old purse belt kit wasn't big enough to fit a lot of mobiles in).  

It's now called the 2 in 1 belt bag and I can testify that I could fit my passport, phone, keys, lip balm and emergency snack whilst on my recent holiday.  It was so so handy to sling it round my body at the airport and know that all my important stuff was easily accessible and safely stored away.  

How to handstitch a leather belt bag 

As with my other stitchable leather kits (the Phone Pouch Kit and the Simple Card Holder Kit), the 2 in 1 Belt Bag Kit is intended as a fun, creative project rather than a lesson in traditional leather stitching techniques.  I confess that I didn't train in traditional leathercraft but in bag design and construction.  Expecting a novice to create a perfect line of saddle stitching is asking a lot (it's often the case that you can get the stitches nice and even on one side of the piece, but turn it over, and they're totally out of sync and wonky!).  These stitchable kits do away with the tools and the complicated, hard-to-perfect techniques in favour of simple stitches that any beginner will find easy to master.  I believe craft should affect a sense of achievement and pride in both the doing and the outcome.  Of course, it's important to be challenged, but sometimes you just want to do something a little simple and enjoyable.  

Decorative leather stitches

With this kit, you get to choose one of three leather stitching styles - single needle saddle stitch, cross stitch or blanket stitch.  The holes in this newly designed leather waist bag kit are pre punched so you don't need to worry about getting the holes perfectly aligned.  That's all been done for you.  No hammers needed for this kit!  The single needle saddle stitch is a modified traditional leather stitching style - rather than using two needles you just use one.  Work your needle and thread in and out of the holes and when you reach the end, turn back on yourself and fill in the blank stitches so that you get one continuous line of stitching.  The cross stitch is a really lovely, decorative stitch where you create a line of x's.  And the blanket stitch is a stitch traditionally used to bind the edge of blankets (and also in espadrilles).  But if you have another stitch you'd like to try, then that is totally doable.  The holes are all there for you as a blank canvas for you to stitch your magic! 

Contrast your thread to your leather 

For this newly revamped kit, I've also been able to source some fabulous new leather sewing thread.  It's made from recycled nylon and comes in gorgeously vivid colours.  You can choose to match the thread to the leather or to contrast it. The fluorescent pink against the lemon leather looks so fresh and bold for summer.  


Newly sourced Italian smooth leather 

Since my old supplier of smooth leather was discontinued at the end of last year, I've been searching for a replacement.  I wanted to find leather that was the right thickness, the right 'stiffness' or 'handle' and that came in a range of enticing, bright colours.  It's taken a while but meet the new range of smooth Italian leather!  This is the leather that is included with the clog kits and all the small leather goods kits.  Bright leather samples

If you aren't a fan of bright leather, the DIY belt bag kit also comes in more muted colours.  Black, Pine, Rust and Burnt Sienna are the same range that are supplied in the bucket bag and backpack kits.  Vegetable tanned grainy textured Italian leather.  

How big (small) is the DIY Belt Bag Kit

A perfectly formed belt bag/travel pouch with two solid brass snap poppers and a card holder stitched inside.  

It measures 21cm (8.27') wide by 12cm (4.72') high by 2.5cm (1') deep and with an adjustable + removable belt from 66cm (26') to 90cm (35.43'). 


What's included in the Leather Belt Bag Kit? 

  • professionally die cut leather template with stitching holes pre punched in your leather colour choice
  • leather card holder template
  • recycled nylon leather workers thread in your choice of colour
  • saddlers needle
  • solid brass buckle 
  • 2 brass snap poppers pre fitted to the leather for security
  • fully illustrated instructions booklet and guide to stitching styles for leather
  • access code for online video tutorial taking you step by step of the way
  • The kit costs £55

When does the 2 in 1 Belt Bag Kit launch?

This kit is launching at 6pm GMT on the 14th April and is available for pre order until midnight on the 18th April.  If you are buying this kit alongside a clog kit, then you can get 30% off the price by entering code COLOURS30.  Since the two kits are offered in the same leather ranges and colours, it's the perfect excuse to match your shoes to your bag!! 

Kits will then be dispatched the week beginning the 2nd May. 

How do I get 30% off both the DIY clog making kit and the 2 in 1 belt bag kit?

You can get your 30% off when you pre order both a clog kit here (discount active from 14th to 18th April) and a belt bag kit by typing in code COLOURS30.  You must purchase one of each kit to qualify for the 30% discount.   




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