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Spring has sprung + clog kits are coming!

Welcome to DIY clog making kits!

At the beginning of this year, deep in winter, deep in lockdown, I started dreaming of a make your own clog kit. As with all the kits I design, this new kit had to be achievable for complete shoe making novices. This means minimal tools to get to grips with. Easy techniques, guided by detailed instructions and a make along-video tutorial. Extra materials and scraps to finesse these techniques before you let loose on the real thing. And lastly, (but most importantly), utterly beautiful materials.

Clogs with sole

I think the most challenging piece of this clog kit puzzle has been sourcing suitable clog soles.  I thought I had found the perfect maker in Cameroon.  But when I pressed the manufacturers for more details of how the wood was sourced and their certification to the Forest Stewardship Council, I came up against a bit of a wall.  Sustainability and provenance of products is central to the ethos of Leather Needle Thread and so I knew that I couldn't use these beautiful clog soles.  Serendipitously, (love that word!) I got in contact with a company with offices in Bristol (very near to where I live) who supply clogs to the medical profession.  Each of these wooden soles are made by a family-owned factory in Sweden.  From sustainably grown alder.  And they are incredibly comfy because they're ergonomically designed for optimum anatomical placement (meaning they help busy nurses and doctors who are on their feet all day stay comfortable).  


I've never made anything like this, will I be able to do it?

YES! Emphatically, yes!

Leather Needle Thread is all about stripping away complex methods and the need for lots of expensive tools.  So that everyone can learn to make beautiful pieces with leather with a few key tools and with easily-achievable techniques and step by step processes.   

Add to this the fact that you'll be supported every step of the way with a set of detailed, clear illustrated instructions and, for those of you who learn by watching, a make along video tutorial.  If you're still a wee bit stuck, you can always reach out to me (Esther) with any concerns or questions -

How wearable will they be?

I've already covered how utterly comfy the clog soles are. 

But the clogs you make will also be ultra sturdy and durable.  As well as sourcing solid brass tacks to hammer your leather uppers to the wooden soles, I've added in glue.  This glue is used for attaching rubber and leather soles to shoes and is mega strong.  In the clog kit, it just gives you an extra level of confidence that your clogs will last you many many summers to come!  

So, here's what's in the DIY clog kit - 

  • Swedish-made ergonomic clog soles crafted from sustainably-grown alder
  • beautifully smooth Italian leather in your chosen colour/colours (you can colourblock!)
  • paper pattern of your chosen style
  • scalpel and spare blades for defined, clean cutting
  • leather awl to make stitch holes
  • leather saddlers needle and premium waxed thread
  • leather hole punch to make buckle holes
  • solid brass buckle
  • solid brass tacks to secure the leather uppers to the sole
  • specialist soling glue
  • block of wood to practice hammering in the tacks
  • cork board to make the stitch holes on
  • detailed step by step instructions with clear illustrations
  • access code to a make along video tutorial

In the interests of sustainability (and because I think most of us have these things lying around our houses), all you need to provide is 

  • a hammer
  • a pair of scissors
  • a cutting mat/piece of old lino
  • a metal ruler
  • some matches/a lighter

When can I buy a kit?

The kits will launch for pre-order on 18th May at 6pm GMT. 

Pre-order will be open for just two weeks.  

Kits will then be sent out the week beginning the 28th June. 

A little word about pre-ordering.  By only ordering exactly what I know I can sell, pre-ordering helps small businesses like mine manage stock and ensures zero wastage.  I hope you will be happy to wait a few short weeks to receive your kit!

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