stitchless Bags

thursday 17th october

6.30pm to 9.30pm

Studio1, 9 Bath Buildings, BS6 5pt

£85 includes all materials

saturday 30th November

930am to 12.30pm

In Bristol Studios, Great western lane, bristol, bs5 9bb

£85 includes all materials

thursday 13th february

10am to 1pm

Studio1, 9 Bath Buildings, BS6 5pt

£85 includes all materials


Make your own small (bags will measure roughly 25cm by 18cm when completed) shoulder bag from leather with no stitching. Using only rivets, weaving and lacing techniques this is a great introduction to leatherwork.  You will be able to choose from a selection of Italian vegetable tanned leather and to emboss it with your name or other words to personalise it.  The bags are small shoulder style bags, made from hard vegetable tanned leather and are unlined. 

You will learn how to

  • cut leather from a pattern using a scalpel

  • hole punch leather

  • cut leather straps with a traditional strap cutter tool

  • set rivets and other fastenings

  • emboss leather to personalise it with your name or initials

  • use a variety of traditional leatherwork tools