Clog Making Kit - Low Heels

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This kit comes with almost everything you need to make a beautiful pair of leather sandal clogs. Fully illustrated step by step instructions and a make along video tutorial support you through each stage of this project. This make requires a degree of strength in the hands and may not be suitable for people with reduced mobility or strength in their hands (cutting/sewing leather and hammering in the tacks is hard work!). You will first cut out the leather uppers from a pattern before making stitching holes and buckle holes with specialist leather tools which are provided.  You will then sew on the solid brass buckle before glueing the leather to the wooden soles.  Finally, you will hammer in solid brass tacks to attach the leather to the soles. Build yourself a pair of new summer ready clogs!

The wooden bases have a 5cm heel.   There are two widths Please check measurements carefully as the soles have different lengths as well as different widths. 

  • EU35 Narrow - 22.5cm long by 7.8 cm at widest toe point
  • EU36  Narrow  - 23cm long by 8cm at widest toe point
  • EU37  Narrow  - 23.7cm long by 8.2cm at widest toe point
  • EU38  Narrow  - 24.5cm long by 8.4 cm at widest toe point
  • EU39  Narrow  - 25cm long by 8.5cm at widest toe point
  • EU40  Narrow  - 25.6cm long by 8.7cm at widest toe point
  • EU41  Narrow  - 26.3cm long by 8.9cm at widest toe point
  • EU42  Narrow  - 27cm long by 9.1cm at widest toe point
  • EU35 Wide - 23.7cm long by 8.4 cm at widest toe point
  • EU36  Wide - 24cm long by 8.5cm at widest toe point
  • EU37  Wide - 24.8cm long by 8.6cm at widest toe point
  • EU38  Wide  - 25.5cm long by 8.8 cm at widest toe point
  • EU39  Wide - 26.2cm long by 9cm at widest toe point
  • EU40  Wide - 26.8cm long by 9.2cm at widest toe point
  • EU41  Wide - 27cm long by 9.3cm at widest toe point
  • EU42  Wide - 27.8cm long by 9.4cm at widest toe point

Here is my tip for measuring your feet - 

  • This is much easier if you can find someone to help you!
  • Place a piece of paper right up next to a wall on a hard floor.  
  • Do the measuring with no socks on.  
  • Now stand with your heel touching the wall and your whole foot on the piece of paper.  
  • Stand with your weight fully on both feet (best to do this with straight legs looking straight ahead, not down at your feet, with someone to help you ideally!) and then with a pen or pencil, mark on the paper the longest part of your foot (it might be your big toe, or another toe - just mark the longest part).  Repeat with the other foot.  
  • Now measure the distance from the end of the paper to the mark 
  • I would add on around 8 to 12mm/0.31 to 0.47"  to get the correct size of clog base.

Each kit includes

* European made ergonomic clog soles crafted from sustainably-grown lime
* Beautiful Italian leather in your chosen colours
* scalpel handle
* spare blades for defined, clean cutting
* premium waxed thread
* solid brass buckles
* solid brass tacks to secure the leather uppers to the sole
* specialist soling glue
* leather hole punch to make buckle holes
* leather awl to make stitch holes
* leather saddlers needle
* block of wood to practice hammering in the tacks
* detailed step by step instructions booklet
* access code to a make along video tutorial
* paper pattern of your chosen style

You will need to source

* a hammer/mallet
* a pair of scissors
* a metal ruler
* matches or a lighter
* a sturdy table or hard surface protected by some * lino or a plastic chopping board to work on


All the leather we use is a by-product of the European food industry and comes from an Italian tannery. You have a choice of colours of smooth and grainy Italian leather. The grainy leather is tanned purely with vegetable tannins (the most environmentally sustainable way) in Tuscany, Italy.

We have carefully sourced the very best leathers we can find. Leather is a natural product. Every hide is unique and will have tonal variations, marks or scars which are natural features of the leather.

The wooden soles are sourced from Sweden from sustainably grown lime wood. These soles are made for the medical profession and are ergonomically designed to ensure the best anatomical posture. They are incredibly comfy.


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