Make Your Own Leather Clogs in a Day Workshop

leather sandal clogs in yellow

pink leather clog sandals

multi coloured leather woven clog mules

grey and tan woven leather clogs


Join me on in my Bristol studio for a day of making and craft yourself your own pair of bespoke leather clog sandals.  This is a fun yet challenging day of learning new skills.  There is a maximum of 4 people in this workshop giving you plenty of opportunity for one to one attention and learning.  

You can customise your clogs and choose from the following -

  • loads of coloured leather in bright and muted tones
  • 2 heights of clog heel height (5cm or 8cm heels)
  • 5 styles of clog sandals (peeptoe, crossover toe, cut out toe, woven toe and woven mules)


This workshop requires a degree of strength in the hands and may not be suitable for people with reduced mobility or strength in their hands (cutting/hand-sewing leather and hammering in the tacks is hard work!)


Tuesday 5th July from 10am to 3.30pm with half hour break for lunch. 


All workshop places can be booked through the Yuup Bristol website.  Click the button below.  



  • How to cut out leather from a pattern
  • How to punch holes in leather
  • How to use a variety of leatherwork tools
  • How to hand stitch leather
  • Specialist leather glueing 
  • How to fit the leather uppers to your foot 
  • How to adjust the fit of your sandals to fit your feet
  • How to hammer the leather upper to the wooden sole



  • A wide range of responsibly-sourced Italian coloured leather to choose from Solid brass buckles and tacks
  • FSC registered lime wood Swedish-sourced wooden clog bases - either 5cm or 8cm heel 
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits
  • You will need to bring a packed lunch or else there are lots of fabulous cafe's nearby for lunch



Please read the sizes carefully as they may vary from your regular shoe size.  In particular, the high heel bases are very small and narrow.  You will want to add about 5mm to 10mm to your foot length to get the correct size.  Let me know if you're unsure -  There may be scope to change your soles on the day if you are very unhappy with the fit but I can't guarantee that all sizes will be in stock then.  


LOW HEELS (5cm) 

  • EU35 Narrow - 22.5cm long by 7.8 cm at widest toe point
  • EU36  Narrow  - 23cm long by 8cm at widest toe point
  • EU37  Narrow  - 23.7cm long by 8.2cm at widest toe point
  • EU38  Narrow  - 24.5cm long by 8.4 cm at widest toe point
  • EU39  Narrow  - 25cm long by 8.5cm at widest toe point
  • EU40  Narrow  - 25.6cm long by 8.7cm at widest toe point
  • EU41  Narrow  - 26.3cm long by 8.9cm at widest toe point
  • EU42  Narrow  - 27cm long by 9.1cm at widest toe point
  • EU35 Wide - 23.7cm long by 8.4 cm at widest toe point
  • EU36  Wide - 24cm long by 8.5cm at widest toe point
  • EU37  Wide - 24.8cm long by 8.6cm at widest toe point
  • EU38  Wide  - 25.5cm long by 8.8 cm at widest toe point
  • EU39  Wide - 26.2cm long by 9cm at widest toe point
  • EU41  Wide - 27cm long by 9.3cm at widest toe point
  • EU42  Wide - 27.8cm long by 9.4cm at widest toe point



                                HIGH HEELS (8cm) 

                                • EU36 - 23cm long by 7.8cm at widest toe point
                                • EU37 - 23.5cm long by 7.9cm at widest toe point
                                • EU38 - 24cm long by 8cm at widest toe point
                                • EU39 - 24.5cm long by 8.1cm at widest toe point
                                • EU40 - 25cm long by 8.2cm at widest toe point
                                • EU41 - 25.5cm long by 8.3cm at widest toe point



                                WORKSHOP LOCATION

                                Leather Needle Thread
                                Studio 1
                                9 Bath Buildings
                                BS6 5PT

                                See Map

                                All workshop places can be booked through the Yuup Bristol website.  Click the button below.  


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