Make your own leather sneakers

Saturday 8th february 2020

10am to 5.30pm

The Forge, Colston Yard, off Colston Street



best sneaker with hand.jpg

Would you like to make your own unique pair of leather sneakers? Make a pair of shoes that fit beautifully and say "I made these!" Join Esther Keen, leatherworker for a day at the Forge doing just that.

For this workshop you can choose from 4 different heights of sneaker from low-cut to high-top and 2 different types of summer cut out styles. There is loads of coloured leather to choose from. You will learn how to craft your own leather sneakers completely by hand with no machines. And just so everyone knows you made them, you will be able to emboss the shoes with your name or initials!

Shoe sizes from and including EU36 (UK 3.5) and EU47 (UK 14.5)

You will learn how to :

cut leather from a pattern

prepare leather ready for sewing

hand sew leather using specialist thread and needles

set eyelets

emboss leather to personalise it with your name or initials

use a variety of traditional leatherwork tools

This is an intensive days work, and is a great introduction to working with leather and to shoe making.  At the end of the day, you will have gained so many new skills AND you will have made yourself a beautiful new pair of custom-made leather sneakers.

Carefully sourced full grain vegetable tanned leather means that each piece handmade in a Leather Needle Thread workshop will be full of integrity and long lasting.