I am now taking bookings for a 2 day course during weekdays in September - please get in touch with me if you are interested. Maximum of 3 people.

Make the bag you want! This is an intensive 2 day course in bag design and construction. This course will give you the chance to design and make the perfect bag for you. Before the course, I will ask you to think about the type, style and rough dimensions of the bag you’d like to make. On the first day, we will begin by learning basic pattern cutting.  You will then select your leather (you are welcome to bring your own leather, please get in touch with me about this) and cut the pattern pieces. On the second day, the leather will then be skived and glued and any pockets, zips, handles, fastenings and other fittings secured before the bag is sewn up using either an industrial leather machine or a semi-industrial sewing machine.  

On this course you will learn how to - 

- how to cut a basic pattern

- use a variety of industrial leather machines

- use a variety of traditional manual leather tools

- how to glue leather and fit fastenings and other fittings prior to sewing

- how to stitch leather - different types and sizes of needles and thread and how to operate industrial and semi-industrial sewing machines.  

- how to fit zips and pockets and a lining for your bag