How to make a pair of leather clogs? The latest on the revamped Clog Making Kit.

How to make a pair of leather clogs? The latest on the revamped Clog Making Kit.

 The latest drop of the Clog Kit launches on Friday 12th April at 6pm (GMT). The kit will be available for pre order for one week (closes on sunday 21st April at midnight (GMT).  Kits will then be sent out the week of the 6th May. 

I've totally revamped the clog kit to make it better and even easier to achieve a high end finish on your own handmade clogs!  I've been working with a professional shoe pattern designer to perfect the patterns meaning that it's easy to correctly position the leather uppers on the wooden sole so that they sit in just the right place on your foot.  She's also helped me to make it easier for you to widen or narrow the leather uppers to accommodate your own foot width. I've swapped the brass buckles and nails for a more contemporary chrome finish.  There are also 3 new hair on cow leathers in animal prints to update your summer shoe game!  A few key tools have been added to make your life easier - a metal ruler for making ultra sharp straight lines and a washable leather pen to trace round the paper pattern and make it simpler to cut the leather for beginners. 

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What colours of leather can I choose from?

Choose from 11 colours of grainy vegetable tanned Italian leather and 3 new hair on cow leather in animal prints.  The coloured leather is sourced from a small tannery in the Tuscan hills of northern Italy, renowned for it's vegetable tanned leather.  It's just the right mix of thick and supple to be extra comfy yet secure for your feet.  Mix and match to make your own pair of unique clogs!

What are the clog sandal styles?

There are 4 different toe shapes to choose from and 2 styles of ankle straps.  You are able to choose exactly which toe shape you want with which ankle strap.  That's 8 options in total! 

What shoe sizes does the Clog Kit come in?

The wooden soles come in sizes 35 to 44.  Here's a handy chart to work out what size you'll need!  Measure your feet against a wall and take the measurement of your longest toe.  If you're in between sizes, take the size up.  

I've got very wide/narrow feet - can I do anything about this to make my clogs fit me properly?

The patterns have been made by a professional shoe pattern designer and are made to fit a standard foot width. There are clear lines on the pattern to show the areas where you can make it wider or narrower to accommodate your own width. I'd advise starting off with the widest fitting (unless you know you have very narrow feet) and then cutting width off if you find they are too wide.

What tools do I need to make leather clogs?

Each tool has been carefully selected to be easy to use and achieve good results for beginners.  Here are the key leatherwork tools you'll get so that you can make a pair of clogs!

  • You'll get a scalpel and 5 spare blades for cutting the leather.  
  • A hole punch to use with your hammer for punching out the buckle holes and other elements
  • A specialist leather needle and thread to sew on the buckle.
  • A leatherworkers awl to make marks and create holes to punch in the nails.
  • Nickel buckles and nails.
  • Specialist shoe glue to glue the leather to the wood.
  • A metal ruler to make cutting straight lines extra easy.
  • A silver leather washable pen to draw round the pattern and make cutting the leather super simple.
  • You'll get a digital pattern to print off at home (on A4 or Letter size).
  • And of course you'll get enough leather in your chosen colours and the wooden clog soles in your size.  

Do I need to source anything myself?

There are a few things that are either too big or heavy to include in the toolkit (and some items that most, if not all, households will already have). You'll need -

  • some scissors
  • masking or sellotape
  • a cutting mat, a hammer
  • card or empty cereal box
  • paper/card glue
  • and a lighter/matches.

Can I make a pair of clogs even if I've never done any leatherwork or shoe making before?

YES! Emphatically, yes! Leather Needle Thread is all about stripping away complex methods and the need for lots of expensive tools. So that everyone can learn to make beautiful pieces with leather with a few key tools and with easily-achievable techniques and step by step processes. Add to this the fact that you'll be supported every step of the way with the make along video tutorial. If you're still a wee bit stuck, you can always reach out to me (Esther) with any concerns or questions.

How long will it take to make a pair of clogs?

This is a day's project or you can split it into a leisurely few mornings or afternoons. Take your time to perfect all the techniques first and make sure you complete each step slowly to end up with the best finish you can achieve - so you're proud of the clogs and want to wear them to show them off!

How much will the Clog Kit cost?

The full kit costs £165 and you can buy a refill kit for £135. The refill kit is super if you've already bought the full kit as it won't give you any of the tools you already have or access to the step by step tutorial.

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