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The Stitchless Bucket is a modern classic.  Elegant with minimal detailing, it is the perfect carry-all bag.  This bag is constructed entirely by weaving the leather pieces together and fixing a few, strategically-placed rivets for strength.  No sewing machines or hand stitching is involved.  

The pattern is also available in Paper format here

You can choose to buy the straps pre-cut and finished to the correct size and all the metal hardware needed.




You will be emailed - 

  • PDF of the pattern ready formatted for print.  The PDF needs to be printed on A1 paper. 
  • PDF of fully illustrated instructions
  • An access code to an online video tutorial taking you step by step how to make the bag




25cm (10”) wide by 25cm (10”) high by 25cm (10”) deep. The strap is adjustable with a solid brass buckle and measures 95cm (37”) at shortest/120cm (47”) at longest.





  • You will need approximately 0.5m ² / 4 feet ² of thick yet supple leather for the front, back and bottom sections of the bag (1.6mmto 2mm thickness / 4 to 5 oz is perfect).
  • You will also need thicker, more rigid leather (2mm to 3mm thickness / 6 to 8 oz is perfect) for the straps and cord. The drawstring cord should be 115cm by about 5mm / 45” by 0.2”.
  • Vegetable tanned shoulder leather is perfect for all the straps whilst a more supple shoulder or half hide is perfect for the body of the bag. The thickness and how supple or rigid the leather is will greatly impact the final form of your bag.


  • 1 x buckle measuring 2cm/0.8” wide
  • 2 x o rings measuring 2cm/0.8” diameter
  • 10 (plus extra for practicing) x 8mm to 10mm / 0.3” to 0.4” double capped rivets (the length of the rivets will depend on the thickness of your leather - test out on scrap leather to ensure a snug fit)


These Items are essential

  • 1 x sharp craft knife, Stanley knife or scalpel. Fresh blades will make cutting the leather much easier.
  • 1 x leather workers awl
  • 1 x long metal ruler
  • 1 x 14mm/0.55” oblong hole punch
  • 1 x 2mm/0.07” round hole punch
  • 1 x 5mm/0.2” round hole punch
  • 1 x rivet setting tool that fits the cap size of your rivets
  • 1 x hammer/mallet
  • 1 x old plastic chopping board or cutting mat
  • Work on a sturdy surface for cutting and hole punching

A nice to have item!

  • 1 x strap end punch (2cm/0.8” width)

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    Each kit includes

    You will need to source

    Sizes of the soles

    How to measure your feet for correct sole size

    Dimensions of finished item


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